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   Cindy McDermott, Author

I want to share an experience that happened to my cat Alexis and me that I hope never happens to your furry friend. My husband and I noted that Alexis was retching, much like having something caught in her throat.

We took her to the vet and explained the situation. An X-ray revealed a sewing needle lodged in her mouth. (In the photo to the side, you can make out the head of the needle.) We were fortunate she hadn't swallowed it because the consequences could have been dire. 

We believe she was playing with the string in the needle when it became caught on her tongue. The rough surface of the tongue held it tight, and she pulled the needle out of the pin cushion and into her mouth. Her swallowing action stuck the needle in the upper part of her mouth, and this is what saved her from having it go down her throat. I've heard of cats pulling tinsel and string into their mouths, lodging in their digestive tracts, requiring surgery to remove. She was sedated, and the vet removed the needle. 

After $375, she's back to her old self, and my sewing kit is no where near where she can get into it. I figure that was a very expensive mending job, and I could have purchased many, many new shirts with that trip to the vet. However, it's a blessing I have a story to share with a happy ending.
Needling my cat               OCTOBER 2016