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   Cindy McDermott, Author
Today, I mark the ten-year anniversary of my retirement from the United States Navy. I thoroughly enjoyed serving my country, considering it an honor and a privilege to retire from the military as a Commander with nearly 21 years of service as a Public Affairs Officer.  (Click here to read the story.)

   Several months ago I presented at a national conference for communicators, which included an invite to the keynote luncheon. I didn’t know the folks at my table, but we enjoyed a nice conversation. Our discussion turned to writing novels, and I shared details of my books.

  A young lady asked, “I have all of my characters laid out and an outline. But how do I get started?”

  “Well, just do it!” came the sharp reply from one at our table.  (Click here for the story.)

  “Just Do It” just doesn't do it for writers         AUGUST 

Reflecting on ten years past      

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Helping others achieve a wonderful life        December 

For the last ten years, hubby and I have watched the classic movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” a Christmas tradition for us. It’s inspirational, a wonderful representation of the true spirit of the holiday season. 

The hero George Bailey repeatedly tangles with the ruthless slumlord Mr. Potter. At the Bailey Building and Loan, George offers opportunities to the lower income citizens of Bedford Falls to purchase their first home. Throughout his life, George continually sacrifices so others realize their dreams, as his visions of exploring the world are put on hold. (Click here for the rest of the story.) 

Shout out to military families             

Needling my cat                OCTOBER 

I want to share an experience that happened to my cat Alexis and me that I hope never happens to your furry friend. My husband and I noted that Alexis was retching, much like having something caught in her throat.  (Click her for the story.)

I’m enjoying another Veterans Day celebration. Friends and family members send recognition, thanking me for my 21 years of service in the Navy, and I appreciate the acknowledgements. My military service was hard work, especially given I had a demanding, full-time civilian job and served in the Reserves, which compared to having yet another full time position. (Click here for the full story.)